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researcher | innovator



When my dad Mike Oyomoare Aghayedo named me EGHE (meaning Time), he didn't know I was going to live the remaining part of my days (from that day, March 25th 1983) finding the truth behind the word; TIME.

Born in the ancient city of Benin, Edo State in Nigeria along with my "almost-a-twin" sister; Loveth Imuwahen.

Kelvins Eghosa (as am fondly known) would grow up with love for gadgets, computer games, chemicals and science. Although my poor guardian couldn't afford any toy let alone gadget for me, I would often skip school classes to the nearest video game house.

An important phase of my life was my contact with Roland Ukor (Phd) who I met in 2003 via the internet. Roland at that time, just won the Award of Best Software Developer in Nigeria (NCS/SystemSpecs). Roland mentored me and taught me the art of programming, entrepreneurship and charisma!

2006 saw Kelvins winning same award using his developed CRM/ERP Application called EntriFlex ERP built with the then Sun Java/Oracle Database. Luckily, I got several commendations from various quarters including my institution; University of Benin, Nigeria. Later in 2007, I got several continental recognitions from ForgeAhead and South African Education Ministry as; Best Innovator in Africa, Young Entrepreneur in Africa.

Since then, there has been no looking back; developing several applications from financial to mission-critical systems. I later registered a LLC with this Award-winning application name: EntriFlex Solutions Intl Ltd, offering ICT Services to numerous clients, helping them grow their business and institutions with my technological innovations.

Well, I've worked briefly in a couple of high-ranking organisations such SystemSpecs, Centre Point e.t.c and with over 100 top professionals and practictioners of various fields ranging from ICT, Healthcare, Engineering, Banking and a host of others.

I currently manage several firms as entrepreneur/partner, as consultant to several organisations across the World, as a committed researcher of Metaphysics and as a father to my young son (Joshua). Not to fail to add that I am musically gifted.

As a devoted student of Metaphysics and Christianity, I am working on putting all my findings together in books; Greater Than Science (; a book that bridge the gap between science and believe (faith in Jesus). Also, Time Travel; Myth or Reality?, a book expressing real facts about the subject, using my personal experiencse. And After The Eclipse (; a proposed autobiography of my life; people, events, mistakes, pains, trials and triumphs.

There's so much to be said about me that can't fit into this slim page. Hopefully, my autobiography After The Eclipse will do good justice to that. However, meeting with me in person will be an unforgettable experience :)


researcher | innovator


  • #keVinceQuotes

    • We pay no price for just looking high, so I set my gaze above the sky. And if for it I go blind, let it be said "He looked!" - keVince.

      The more corrupt a person look and behaves outwardly; the more damaged they have been inside - keVince.

      What doesn't kill you will come back for you be prepared (Matthew 12:44-45) - keVince.

  • Family & Friends

    • Family

      My late grandmum; Deaconesss Blessing Aghayedo for her sacrifices and the chance to live. My siblings; Loveth Imuwahen, Ogbemudiah Godwin, Imade, Emmanuel and my mum Stella. Also special thanks to Sis. Beatrice Egbeyon, Sis Blessing and all.

      More Than Just Friends...

      Special thanks to Rev. Efe Omodamwen (Late), Frank Amadin (PhD), Aigbe Sunday (Late), Vincent Osa-Jacob (Uncle), Mr John Oko (Global Peace Foundation), Busayo Esho (WebLagos), Cyril (CY Communications), Frank Akinyosoye, Simeon Ugbekpa (Itrin Sys), John Igbinosun (Late), Iyobosa Imoudu (Mrs), Segun, Lawrence Ezisi, Iyke Obi (DonSplash), Tony, Edun Omatseye, John Ogu, Jim Osagie and so long a list...

  • Mentors

    • Roland Ukor

      Just like Columbus to America; you discovered and inspired me to become a better person and took the time and all to deposit in me, the investment of your personality .

      Pastor Creflo Dollar /Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

      Their teachings have really inspired me to know Him more. With sound explanations of the scripture and exposition of miseries of The Kingdom; I can't but appreciate these great apostles of our time.

      Prof. Stephen Hawking

      I am amazed how so much you could still give even at your health state. You remain my top mentor in my quest for knowledge and findings in Metaphysics.

      Prof. Albert Einstein

      His book Theory of Special Relativity especially the Clock Paradox and other related theories have really inspired me to become a better student of Metaphysics and science generally.

  • Personal

    • My Likes

      I love music (all genres). Mostly slow rocks (favourite bands are 3 Doors Down, ColdPlay, Muse, Gotye, Casting Crowns), music from Congo (especially Fally Ipupa and the F'Victeam). Also love gospel music from Eastern Nigeria (Sis. Chioma Jesus, Princess Njideka, Bro. Okwy e.t.c)

      As leisure, I play PlayStation FIFA game, play the piano or better still; sleep. I rest often but sometimes work my eyes tweaking.

      My favourite colour is black, although I love orange and light green for corporate colours. I love working out and so concern about how my hair look. I often go on Pinterest to find pins relating to men hairstyles :)

  • Books & Movies

    • Books

      A Brief History of Time - Stephen Hawking

      I stumbled over it many years ago when I was just starting off in my quest for knowledge about Metaphysics. Sincerely, Prof Stephen Hawking won my heart with this work. I usually keep track of the no. of times I've read this book, but I lost the figure of recent.

      Theory of Special Relativity - Prof. Albert Einstein

      I learnt a whole lot from this great book, with several theories that have helped me in my research work and knowledge about science. After which I adopted Einstein "My Father" :)

      Lessons from the Richest Man - Steven K. Scott

      Have read the book over 4 times and had to re-order it when it was stolen from my desk. Thanks to PayPorte for delivery the order with paper-back.

      The Art of The Comeback - Donald Trump

      No one wants to experience a downfall, loss it all and start over again. But I have several times, and learnt lessons from Trump in this book too.

      The 50th Law - Robert Greane

      In climbing the ladder to the top; we will step on toes and ours too will be stepped on. We knowing our strength and not allowing others to exploit us should be one of our watch-word.

      Animal Farm - George Orwell

      Well, I love power, we all do but learning how to play the game is another thing to learn and love too. Even the animal kingdom is not exempted. Although used as satirical symbolism of our human society; Animal Farm remains my one of my top!

    • Movies


      Am a great fan of epic movies. I believed I would have been one of the War Lords of old, if I was borned in those eras of fist, bow and arrows. Archilles of Troy taught me we can choose our destiny by weighing our choices.

    • Hercules

      My main character of that movie was Amphiaraus. He was told at an early age he was going to die in battle with a fiery spear pierced to his heart. So he fought each battle as if it was his last and always anticipating the spear. The spears actually came, sometimes raining towards him yet not a single pierced him. We can make our own fate.

    • District 13 (B13)

      So much stunts by David Belle and Cyril Raffaelli. Nice story line and action packed that got me thrilled from the beginning to the end.

    • Big Bang Theory

      Prof Sheldon reminds me of my future self! Lol!!! So much love the sitcom and would often research about some of their scientific facts. However, though fictional but highly educative and relaxing.

  • Personal Skills

    Leadership 90%
    Visionary 90%
    Creativity 94%
    Forensic 84%
    Team Player 85%
    Motivator 90%
    Skill Transfer 85%
    Communication 85%
    Assimilation 95%
    Pro-activeness 95%
  • ICT Skills

    Consultancy 93%
    Cloud (Plesk, Amazon AWS) 95%
    Mobile Apps 78%
    App Dev. 98%
    .NET Tech 80%
    Project Mgt 82%
    Security/Anti 83%
    Web Tech 95%
    Networking 73%
    QOS/RF/e.t.c 43%
    AI/Robotics 33%
    Hardware /Device Programming 73%


researcher | innovator


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